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PassKey Management System

PassKey Management System and Diagnostics

PassKey's Management System
PassKey's management system makes it easy to assess appropriate levels of instruction, administer lessons based on educational standards and objectives, and generate reports on student usage and progress. The program is extremely flexible, allowing you to assign PassKey lessons to be taken in the order you specify, with many options for presentation. (Default settings may also be used.)

Key Management System Features

  • Import instructor and student users using a Microsoft Office Excel template, processed by McGraw-Hill
  • Export student progress and performance data
  • Set Pretest and Posttest mastery levels for accounts, sites, instructors, classes, groups, or individual students
  • Customize test and lesson presentation and navigation
  • Enrollment:
    • Add students to classes
    • Add students to groups
    • Assign classes to instructors
  • Assignment:
    • Choose from two modes of lesson presentation for each subject
    • Preview lessons or view lesson descriptions before making assignments
    • Assign lessons using diagnostics or PassKey's built-in standardized test objective correlations

Passkey Management Screen

  • Built-in Help function
  • Six reports, with multiple versions, to track student usage, progress, and performance:
    • Roster
    • Time
    • Status
    • Proficiency
    • Diagnostic
    • Student Progress

Diagnostics Create an Individualized Education Plan for Each Student
PassKey offers diagnostics that can automatically assign the exact lessons needed to address a student's skill deficiencies, thereby creating an IEP (individualized education plan). PassKey can also be used to create custom IEPs based on instructional goals for any student or group.

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