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PassKey: Comprehensive or Modular Options

The comprehensive PassKey product consists of Reading, Writing, Math (including Advanced Math), Science, and Social Studies. Each subject is available as a separate module, allowing you the flexibility to purchase for specific needs.

PassKey Reading Levels
Because PassKey is a supplementary product designed to be used by students with a wide range of skill levels, PassKey's levels are identified by reading level instead of grade level. That means that the reading level is controlled at the last grade listed. The equivalent reading level to PassKey lesson levels are:

  • Level 1 = reading level grades 1.6-3
  • Level 2 = reading level grades 4-5
  • Level 3 = reading level grades 6-8
  • Level 4 = reading level grades 9-11
  • Level 5 = reading level grades 12-12.9
  • Level 6 = reading level grades 12-12.9


PassKey Reading Screen

With PassKey, students can acquire basic reading skills and then develop the critical thinking and comprehension abilities that turn decoding skills into real understanding. Lessons include excerpts from literary works as well as contemporary issues pulled from today's headlines.

Complete Reading Lesson Listing


PassKey Writing Screen

PassKey helps students master the power of the written word with lessons and exercises that help make them effective writers. Lifeskills-related examples are found throughout the Writing module.

Complete Writing Lesson Listing


PassKey Math Screen

Whether it's simple counting or complex quantitative reasoning, PassKey guides the student through every mathematics operation step-by-step. Right and wrong answer analysis helps them understand the logic and reasoning behind each calculation and transfer the knowledge to real-life situations.

Complete Math Lesson Listing, Levels 1 through 5

Advanced Math

PassKey Advanced Math Screen

Our Advanced Math—also known as "Level 6 Math"—module can be purchased on its own or added to the core PassKey system. Lessons cover Algebra II, Trigonometry, and advanced math topics.

Complete Advanced Math Lesson Listing, Level 6


PassKey Science Screen

Lessons in Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics are designed to help students prepare for proficiency test success. These lessons also provide a solid review of core science topics.

Science lessons also bring another dimension to PassKey, Activity. An Activity section is part of each Science lesson. This section fosters critical thinking, collaborative projects, and a way to approach science more experientially without having to invest in additional science software and equipment.

A glossary is also part of the Science module, allowing students to expand and strengthen their science vocabulary from within the lesson itself.

Complete Science Lesson Listing

Social Studies

PassKey Social Studies Screen

PassKey's Social Studies lessons cover Civics, History, Geography, Economics, and Cultures. This add-on module can supplement the core PassKey program or be purchased separately.

Complete Social Studies Lesson Listing

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